DIY Immigration


Some people file immigration applications/petitions without legal assistance.
Many people are not aware of potential immigration risks of certain actions or inactions.
Many people do not understand complicated regulatory schemes, and may encounter problems with a frustrating and inept bureaucracy.


If you decide to DIY, DiBacco Law can still help you.  Some simple and affordable legal services offered:


  • Attorney Review of the forms and documents you prepared
  • Legal Strategy Session – evaluation of potential and unknown risks, awareness of legal issues, short and long-term planning
  • Immigration Interview Preparation – what to expect, how to answer questions, what to bring, what not to do, etc.
  • Legal Letters or Opinions outlining and explaining the relevant law on your topic
  • Attorney review and guidance on the development of business/employer immigration policies and procedures
  • Second Opinions

Need something else? Have a different issue?

Tell DiBacco Law what you are looking for and we will tell you how we can help.